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What is Omani Hope Consulting all about?

We are all about fixing problems, making improvements, and developing programs and projects for businesses that serve at-risk populations and communities. There isn’t a job too small or too big for us to not take the time to listen and provide solid recommendations. Even if we must refer you out, we will get you moving in the right direction. We are great at many things, but not everything, so we will never take on a task that is out of our scope. We don’t work a lot with the financial side of organizations; we are more the folks who develop processes and training improvements that impact billing productivity and employee retention. We can help you increase your revenue with A, B, and C, but we wouldn’t feel comfortable creating the budget for your organization if that makes sense?

As the owner of Omani Hope Consulting, I have had the opportunity to work with various people and organizations through my professional, volunteer, and personal life. My professional career is hospitality, behavioral healthcare, residential care, and healthcare administration. These are the areas that I poured my soul into for twenty years of my life, each position providing me with valuable tools that I have learned to build on and use to assist me in my work.

My volunteer work has given me the chance to learn the dynamics of community and not-for-profit organizations and only homed in on my ability to galvanize people and processes. Serving on boards and committees within organizations has developed my insight on strategic planning, resources, grants, community organization development, workshops, and continued education efforts.

My personal life is the wife of a high school history teacher and coach, now athletic director, and mom of two fabulous kiddos that happen to love everything from sports to their volunteer and career goals. Being right by my husbands’ side while he’s built classrooms and athletic programs has allowed me to volunteer in event planning, fundraising, and operations development.

So, in a nutshell, we take all our expertise and resources to fix problems for businesses. Whether you are a restaurant needing help with getting staff hired and retaining the team you have or are a behavioral health facility needing to prep for an upcoming audit with The Joint Commission, Omani Hope Consulting can help. My ability to build relationships with people has aligned me with some fantastic friends and associates who have unique and accommodating skills. Those relationships allow me to get creative and tap into my resources filling in the gaps in process, policy and procedure, and program and project management objectives.

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