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Location, Location, Location

Omani Hope Consulting is in Evansville, Indiana, where I live with my husband and two children. I have lived in Evansville for over a decade and have grown to love the closeness of family and the beautiful relationships I have fostered here.

I am most familiar with Indiana regarding state regulation and law, public services, healthcare and insurance providers. In recent years I have grown more familiar with these things in Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois. If your business is in the tri-state area, I will have much more expertise on the resources available to meet your needs.

Hey, please don’t get discouraged; regardless of the state you live in, I can obtain the information needed to gain insight into state requirements specific to your business’s compliance or program needs. Chances are, your organization already has the data. It just needs to be accessed, reviewed, and put into action.

OHC can work remotely with any company in the United States through virtual platforms, phone, and email and will travel to your location if needed. You know your business best, and if we can work through the phases remotely and still produce results, I am all for it. If that isn’t the case and your staff needs to be rallied and motivated to engage in improvement initiatives, I will gladly come to galvanize the troops. If you’re not quite sure what gets your team going, that’s ok. In the first three phases, we will establish what and how to inspire them towards excellent process and program improvements.

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