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It's all about the process...

The process is simple. I listen and explore the problem with the client and determine if my consulting services are a correct fit! My work as a community-based case manager taught me that the resources are out there. You simply have to tap into them. Plus, my undergrad in Psych developed the research junky in me! There is a good chance that if I can't help you, I know or can find someone who can!

During the client's initial one-hour consultation, we will review and list client expectations, and OHC will specify what supporting documents and data are needed to get started. This consultation is free of charge, but my hourly rate kicks in the next time we meet! In the assessment and gaining insight phases, I prefer that services bill at my hourly rate. Once we move into the development and improvement phases, businesses can continue being billed hourly or enter a contract determining the project's goals, action steps, and timeline. Contracts include all costs associated with the project and specifies client expectations and what Omani Hope Consulting promises to deliver. Don't worry if your business doesn't enter a contract with us; OHC still provides a contract that outlines goals, action plans, and the project timeline.

In the development and improvement phases, we offer a wide variety of services within each service area. Please take a look at the services we provide in the attached visuals for more ideas on how we can help!

We generate a customized service plan that encompasses all your needs. Offering all the bells and whistles or a more streamlined package to meet your most fundamental area of need. Don't worry if you need something specific and don't think it fits with our services. Let's chat and see if I can still help fix the problem!

We have a reasonable rate here at OHC but understand that businesses have different funding sources and may need a rate based on their not-for-profit status. We offer a charity assessment for all not-for-profit clients to establish an appropriate and affordable rate that works! We also have flexible payment plans and can issue invoices weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Our primary mission is to bring life and hope to your most significant business ideas! Let us help you get started making the improvements or building that program that will impact your employees, consumers, and community in a tangible way.

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