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I love a good vignette....

On our website and one of my recent blogs, I provided a vague overview of our process and services. Today I want to dig a bit deeper and shed some light on what Omani Hope Consulting can do to help your business improve in areas you might not even be thinking about. When training on client care and documentation standards in the behavioral health and social work world, we use vignettes. When used correctly, they can be a fantastic tool to build competency in specific areas. If you’re unsure what a vignette is, it is a brief description of an incident or issue. It allows the reader to review the case or scenario and present possible solutions. When training on documentation, we offer a client case and then ask staff to write the clinical note, which is then reviewed, and feedback provided. I also use vignettes to cultivate conversations in training and while building rapport with staff.

I figured what better way to create a vignette that makes it simple to see how we put improvements in action for your business.

Vignette #1

The Situation

A small not-for-profit organization serving at-risk youth through after-school care programming and mentoring services just received a grant to expand their efforts and reach a larger catchment area while also impacting specific subgroups on the populations they serve. The grant requires an array of data metrics, and the organization must submit a monthly report presenting the progress, barriers, outcomes, and supporting data. The organization lacks the insight and staff capacity to take on this project. The organization must consider the cost of hiring a new employee to carry this task out for the organization or hiring an outside contractor to manage the grant and reporting requirements.

The Solution

OHC meets with the organization for their free consultation and reviews the grant details and the pros and cons of hiring internally instead of externally. After reviewing with leadership and accounting, the organization decided to hire OHC to avoid hiring and training new staff during the changes and because it was fiscally more responsible. Hiring someone would have included the salary for this position and the onboarding, training, and benefits costs associated with new staff.

OHC contracts to provide project management services within this grant. OHC works with staff monthly to obtain the needed information to create the monthly reports and submits them to all required agencies. OHC also reports to the organization’s board of trustees quarterly to provide insight on the grant’s successes, barriers, and ability to meet and measure outcomes.

Vignette #2

The Situation

Your facility provides long-term psychiatric care and recently underwent a Joint Commission audit. During the audit process, it is determined that the organization is noncompliant in a few areas and has a 90-day window to correct these things. Leadership is concerned that they will lose their funding and credibility if these areas do not improve quickly and effectively.

The Solution

OHC meets to review the audit findings to establish the needed areas of improvement and barriers, expectations, and resources for the project. OHC shares that they can create the Plan of Correction and assist your team with implementing, tracking, and reporting the needed improvements to meet the CMS/Medicaid requirements and standards.

OHC contracts to develop and implement a Plan of Correction for the facility. OHC supports the facility through the POC and assists in recognizing possible gaps, barriers, and solutions that will increase compliance and the quality of care provided. OHC also guides the organization through the submission process and prep for the resurvey.

If you have a need, contact us, we will shoot it straight with you and if we are suitable for the job, GREAT, if not, that is ok too, we just want to help you get closer to your goals.

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