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I knew I should have gone into teaching...

I met my husband Andre in the Secondary Education program at John A Logan Community College almost twenty years ago. He ended up making teaching his career, while I switched gears completely, going into psychology and healthcare administration.

I haven’t ever regretted that pivot way back when, but sometimes while I am providing a workshop or doing training, I say to myself, “Damn, you should have gone into teaching”! Even in high school, working in hospitality, I knew that I was great at onboarding new employees and training on standards and processes.

I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunities to provide the training and workshops I have over the years. My work with the community service organization FATE has allowed me to develop curriculums and strengthened my presentation skills. Fate provides a workshop series targeted at youth-specific financial literacy, bullying, hygiene, and self-esteem in our local schools and youth group organizations. This experience helped me immensely when I transitioned into a leadership role at work and found myself front and center with the need to train and onboard staff to policy and procedure, infection control, and healthcare integration.

You can pick from our list of offered training and workshops or let me create something tailored to your business’s needs. Perhaps you have training already designed but need someone to present it; if it is in my wheelhouse, I am down! Maybe you want an hour in-service where I chat about social determinants of health or what a super utilizer is and how they impact the community. We can do that as well. No matter the need, OHC can assist your business with its next innovative training endeavor.

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