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Happy First Birthday OHC!

WoooHooo! We survived our first YEAR! Thank you so much to all of you for your unwavering support! A huge shout out to all my clients this year; you're the real MVPs! Thank you for trusting me with your vision and allowing me to develop and manage your organizational needs.

To my friends and family, I appreciate your referrals and efforts to connect me with ALL the right people and resources! I will never be able to express how your support and love have fueled me in my lowest moments.

I can't believe I launched Omani Hope Consulting one year ago today! It has been a wild journey full of joyful highs and uncomfortable and doubtful lows.

I knew starting my own business wouldn't be easy, and honestly, that excited me about the idea. I had grown stagnate professionally and was eager to get out of my comfort zone and chase this crazy dream. I had no idea how uncomfortable I would actually get over the next year.

I learned real fast that patience is EVERYTHING for your business, your clients, and mostly your sanity. There is no such thing as sending too many emails, and my ability to follow up and chase down leads was going to be a significant player in the success of OHC.

I dove into my research, taught myself how to create content, and worked on mastering Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram—ironically learning that I am not a social media person.

A big eye-opener this year has been coming to terms with the discomfort and uncertainty of being a small business owner. I quickly realized that networking is a massive trigger to my nervous system and makes me ridiculously anxious despite years of training and presenting to crowds. I am much better at this a year later, but I've learned that my mood and mental health impact my ability to take risks and put myself out there, and that is the definition of owning a small business!

So yea, our first year has been a doozy. I have felt every emotion possible; I have laughed, cried, and prayed more than ever! I have been let down and lifted up in ways I never knew possible, but I weathered the storm, kept my head above water, and now here we are one year later, celebrating the success of surviving our first year!

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