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Jess Thomas

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Everyone has a niche in life - a calling through which they find purpose and enjoyment. My niche is working with vulnerable populations, improving processes, and developing programs. I believe the voice of the community, consumers, and employees is vital to the success of businesses. 


My career started in the hospitality industry. I learned how to adapt, to keep my composure in tough situations, and to value customer service. 


From there, I accepted a position at a community mental health center. For six years, I worked as a Healthcare Integration Manager at a 24/7 residential facility where I provided direct care to adults with severe mental illnesses. Through my management position, I implemented new policies and procedures, gained insight on audit navigation, and improved staff training and onboarding. 


Now I am a consultant who works to make strategic and sustainable improvements to businesses. 


Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to consulting with your organization. 


Jess Thomas BA, MHA

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